Axel Drecoll (Hg.), Christine Glauning (Hg.), Juliane Haubold-Stolle (Hg.), Thomas Kersting (Hg.), Andrea Riedle (Hg.), Franz Schopper (Hg.), Claudia Theune (Hg.), Karin Wagner (Hg.)


Archaeology of the Nazi Internment Camps

232 Seiten, 297 Abb., 18,2 x 28,2 cm, Paperback, englisch
April 2020
24,– €
ISBN 978-3-89809-178-7

Combs, spoons and barbed wire – archaeological finds like these tell us about life in the internment camps, which were an important instrument used by the Nazi regime. Since the 1990s archaeological excavations have been conducted at the sites of former camps in Berlin and Brandenburg and large quantities of finds have been recovered. This book is displaying many of these objects for the first time. More than 300 exhibits in seven chapters provide us with an insight into the complex system of the internment camps and into their archaeological legacy, as well as into the work being done by Contemporary Archaeology.

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